Inheritance diagram of InterfaceMPL
class discretize.mixins.InterfaceMPL[source]#

Class for plotting discretize meshes with matplotlib.

This interface adds three plotting methods to all discretize meshes. plot_grid will plot gridded points for 2D and 3D meshes. plot_image is used for plotting models, scalars and vectors defined on a given mesh. And plot_slice is used for plotting models, scalars and vectors on a 2D slice through a 3D mesh.


plotGrid(*args, **kwargs)

plotGrid has been deprecated.

plotImage(*args, **kwargs)

plotImage has been deprecated.

plotSlice(*args, **kwargs)

plotSlice has been deprecated.

plot_3d_slicer(v[, xslice, yslice, zslice, ...])

Plot slices of a 3D volume, interactively (scroll wheel).

plot_grid([ax, nodes, faces, centers, ...])

Plot the grid for nodal, cell-centered and staggered grids.

plot_image(v[, v_type, grid, view, ax, ...])

Plots quantities defined on a given mesh.

plot_slice(v[, v_type, normal, ind, ...])

Plots slice of fields on the given 3D mesh.

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