QuadTree: Hanging Nodes#

You can give the refine method a function, which is evaluated on every cell of the TreeMesh.

Occasionally it is useful to initially refine to a constant level (e.g. 3 in this 32x32 mesh). This means the function is first evaluated on an 8x8 mesh (2^3).

plot quadtree hanging
import discretize
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def run(plotIt=True):
    M = discretize.TreeMesh([8, 8])

    def refine(cell):
        xyz = cell.center
        dist = ((xyz - [0.25, 0.25]) ** 2).sum() ** 0.5
        if dist < 0.25:
            return 3
        return 2

    if plotIt:
        M.plot_grid(nodes=True, centers=True, faces_x=True)
                "Hanging Nodes",
                "Cell Centers",
                "X faces",
                "Hanging X faces",

if __name__ == "__main__":

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