Discretize Meshes (discretize)

The discretize package contains four types of meshes for soliving partial differential equations using the finite volume method.

Mesh Classes

TensorMesh(h[, origin])

Tensor mesh class.

CylindricalMesh(h[, origin, cartesian_origin])

Class for cylindrical meshes.

CurvilinearMesh(node_list, **kwargs)

Curvilinear mesh class.

TreeMesh([h, origin])

Class for QuadTree (2D) and OcTree (3D) meshes.

Tree Mesh Cells

The TreeCell class was designed specificialy to define the cells within tree meshes. Instances of TreeCell are not meant to be created on there own. However, they can be returned directly by indexing a particular cell within a tree mesh.


A class for defining cells within instances of TreeMesh