Inheritance diagram of TreeMeshIO
class discretize.mixins.TreeMeshIO[source]#

Class for managing the input/output of tree meshes and models.

The TreeMeshIO class contains a set of class methods specifically for the TreeMesh class. These include:

  • Read/write tree meshes to file

  • Read/write models defined on tree meshes


readModelUBC(*args, **kwargs)

readModelUBC has been deprecated.

readUBC(file_name[, directory])

readUBC has been deprecated and replaced by read_UBC

read_UBC(meshFile[, directory])

Read 3D tree mesh (OcTree mesh) from UBC-GIF formatted file.


Read UBC-GIF formatted file model file for 3D tree mesh (OcTree).

writeModelUBC(*args, **kwargs)

writeModelUBC has been deprecated.

writeUBC(*args, **kwargs)

writeUBC has been deprecated.

write_UBC(file_name[, models, directory])

Write OcTree mesh (and models) to UBC-GIF formatted files.

write_model_UBC(file_name, model[, directory])

Write 3D tree model (OcTree) to UBC-GIF formatted file.

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