TreeMesh.refine(self, function, finalize=True, diagonal_balance=None)#

Refine TreeMesh with user-defined function.

Refines the TreeMesh according to a user-defined function. The function is recursively called on each cell of the mesh. The user-defined function must accept an object of type TreeCell and must return an integer-like object denoting the desired refinement level. Instead of a function, the user may also supply an integer defining the minimum refinement level for all cells.

functioncallable() or int

a function defining the desired refinement level, or an integer to refine all cells to at least that level. The input argument of the function must be an instance of TreeCell.

finalizebool, optional

whether to finalize the mesh

diagonal_balancebool or None, optional

Whether to balance cells diagonally in the refinement, None implies using the same setting used to instantiate the TreeMesh`.


Here, we define a QuadTree mesh with a domain width of 1 along the x and y axes. We then refine the mesh to its maximum level at locations within a distance of 0.2 of point (0.5, 0.5). The function accepts and instance of TreeCell and returns an integer value denoting its level of refinement.

>>> from discretize import TreeMesh
>>> from matplotlib import pyplot

Define a mesh and refine it radially outward using the custom defined function

>>> mesh = TreeMesh([32,32])
>>> def func(cell):
...     r = np.linalg.norm(cell.center-0.5)
...     return mesh.max_level if r<0.2 else mesh.max_level-2
>>> mesh.refine(func)
>>> mesh.plot_grid()
>>> pyplot.show()

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