discretize.utils.face_info(xyz, A, B, C, D, average=True, normalize_normals=True, **kwargs)[source]

function [N] = face_info(y,A,B,C,D)

Returns the averaged normal, area, and edge lengths for a given set of faces.

If average option is FALSE then N is a cell array {nA,nB,nC,nD}


xyz - X,Y,Z vertex vector A,B,C,D - vert index of the face (counter clockwize)


average - [true]/false, toggles returning all normals or the average


N - average face normal or {nA,nB,nC,nD} if average = false area - average face area edgeLengths - exact edge Lengths, 4 column vector [AB, BC, CD, DA]

see also testFaceNormal testFaceArea

@author Rowan Cockett

Last modified on: 2013/07/26