discretize 0.6.3 Release Notes#

March 1, 2021

This patch contains a bug-fix related to plotting on a TreeMesh. It also contains a few additions which caused a minor functionality change in utils.refine_tree_xyz().

The first convenience is the addition of a slice_loc parameter to the mixins.mpl_mod.InterfaceMPL.plot_slice(). This allows for slightly more intuitive use over the old ind keyword, by allowing the user to directly specify the location parameter of the slice.

The second addition, which caused the minor functionality change in refine_tree_xyz, is the addition of two specialized refine functions for the TreeMesh. We can now directly refine all cells that intersect a box (or list of boxes) with TreeMesh.refine_box(), and similarly we can refine all cells that intersect a ball (or list of balls) with TreeMesh.refine_ball().


  • @jcapriot

  • @ckohnke

  • @Rockpointgeo

  • @thast

  • @domfournier

Pull requests#

  • #200: Refine tree xyz box

  • #235: add xyzslice keyword to mesh.plot_slice

  • #236: Correct the range_y in Tree plot_image

  • #237: Tree refine c