discretize 0.8.1 Release Notes#

August 16, 2022

This patch release, in addition to some small bug fixes and runtime improvements implements, also implements some missing functionality for cylindrical meshes.


The big news is that 3D cylindrical meshes can now be output to a vtk format, which represents the wedges and arced cells as rational bezier curves in an unstructured vtk mesh.

There is now full interpolation functionality when using 3D meshes, that includes appropriate interpolation that wraps around the angular component across the cylindrical mesh. The 3D nodal gradient operator is also implemented now.

On the backend, several internal matrices should now build much quicker than before.


Since matplotlib, vtk and omf libraries have been made optional, they are now only imported when the corresponding functionality is actually used. These means a reasonable improvement in the speed on the first import of discretize.

Bug Fixes#

  • 3D TreeMesh now generates the correct list of nodes in each cell

  • A missed internal deprecation for zerosOutside has been cleaned up

  • We’ve added python 3.10 to the testing sweet.

  • Bumped the minimum version of python to 3.7 to match the tests.


  • @jcapriot

  • @prisae

  • @lheagy

Pull requests#

  • #280: Nodal_Gradient for the CylindricalMesh

  • #281: Cyl vtk

  • #283: add python 3.10 to testing suite

  • #284: Improve load time

  • #285: zeros_outside

  • #286: Cell node tree

  • #288: Allow np.int_

  • #289: 0.8.1 Release