discretize 0.4.12 Release Notes#

June 6, 2020

This patch release is for a few small bugs and code speed improvements.

There is now a fast function for return active cell indexes for TensorMesh-s, TreeMesh-s, and symmetric CylMesh-s below a topography surface defined by scattered points, discretize.utils.active_from_xyz.

There is also a bug fix of #197 for the discretize.utils.refine_tree_xyz helper function on QuadTree meshes when attempting to extend the padding vertically using method=surface. There was also a bug when reading in a 2D UBC mesh that would only manifest if the UBC mesh’s origin wasn’t at the surface (#194).

We have updated links as we are now using discourse over google groups as a means for users to ask for general help. A few links to the SimPEG documentation needed to be updated for the re-organization of the examples folders.

We are removing pymatsolver from the list of explicit dependancies for discretize. It is highly recommended, but it isn’t actually required to run anything within the discretize package.


  • @domfournier/@fourndo

  • @jcapriot

  • @lheagy

  • @prisae

Bug Fixes#

  • #194: z-dimension in write/readUBC

  • #197: Amount of cells not changing when changing Octree levels in utils.refine_tree_xyz

Pull requests#

  • #193: Remove pymatsolver

  • #198: Refine tree xyz

  • #201: Update README.rst

  • #203: consolidating tests on travis

  • #205: Update requirements

  • #206: Bug fix for 2D mesh read in.

  • #207: update release notes