discretize 0.6.1 Release Notes#

November 17, 2020

This patch release adds deprecation for 3 of the hidden properties on the TreeMesh. These properties are now publicly accessible.

  • _aveCC2FxStencilaverage_cell_to_total_face_x

  • _aveCC2FyStencilaverage_cell_to_total_face_y

  • _aveCC2FzStencilaverage_cell_to_total_face_z

In addition, we have promoted the cell gradient stencils to publicly accessible as:

  • _cellGradStencilstencil_cell_gradient

  • _cellGradxStencilstencil_cell_gradient_x

  • _cellGradyStencilstencil_cell_gradient_y

  • _cellGradzStencilstencil_cell_gradient_z

We continue to discourage against accessing hidden variables as there is no guarantee that their name will stay the same.


  • @jcapriot

Pull requests#

  • #229: Quick Patch for stencil matrices.