discretize 0.5.0 Release Notes#

September 2, 2020

This minor release has a few small bug fixes as well as a new volume averaging operator.

The Volume Averaging operator has been implemented for arbitrary TensorMesh, TreeMesh, and combinations of them. It is defined as being a mass conserving operation. More details can be found in its documentation, discretize.utils.volume_average().

There are also some updates for the new deprecations in matplotlib to hopefully throw less deprecation warnings internally. There are still a few left which are on our radar to fix in the next patch.

We are also dropping support for python 3.5 which will reach end-of-life within a few weeks.


  • @jcapriot

  • @prisae

  • @bluetyson

Pull requests#

  • #212: Volume average

  • #216: Update 2_tensor_mesh.py

  • #217: Fix Slicer matplotlib-warning.

  • #220: 0.5.0 release notes and requirements update