discretize 0.7.1 Release Notes#

October 7, 2021

This patch release is a big step, but with minimal functional changes. There are a few small bug fixes, but the largest news is the updated documentation!

New Documentation#

The documentation for every module, class, function, etc. has all been unified to numpy styled documentation. Many functions and methods now have small examples within their docstrings that show simple usage. We have also update the layout of the documentation to match the new pydata community layout.

Bug Fixes#

We previously re-intoduced a small bug in the mixins.mpl.plot_3d_slicer functionality that would caused the colorscales to not match for a homogenous model. This has be re-fixed.

We also now additionally return the quiver plot object when vector plotting using the `plot_slice on a TreeMesh


  • @jcapriot

  • @dcowan

  • @lheagy

  • @prisae

Pull requests#

  • #253: Numpy docstrings api

  • #256: Update mpl_mod.py

  • #258: Numpy docstrings api review

  • #262: Fix wrong colour for fullspaces - again /

#264: patch for fullspace slicer colorscales