discretize 0.4.13 Release Notes#

June 22, 2020

This release contains some bug fixes:

First, we have squashed a few bugs related to serializing the TreeMesh to a json object. tree_mesh.save should now work. We have also added the ability to write out a 2D TreeMesh to a UBC-GIF-like format. There is no official QuadTree mesh from UBC-GIF however, so this just mimics the 3D format for a 2D mesh.

There was also a small bug in reading in a 2D UBC TensorMesh model when the values were split over multiple lines. We have altered the logic here so as to be independant of the structure of that file, as the values should always appear in a specific order.


  • @dccowan

  • @jcapriot

  • @prisae

Pull requests#

  • #204: Remove restriction of sphinx < 2

  • #208: Create IO for 2D Tree mesh in UBC-like format

  • #209: small bug fix for 2D UBC TensorMesh model readin