OrderTest.assertRaises(expected_exception, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Fail unless an exception of class expected_exception is raised by the callable when invoked with specified positional and keyword arguments. If a different type of exception is raised, it will not be caught, and the test case will be deemed to have suffered an error, exactly as for an unexpected exception.

If called with the callable and arguments omitted, will return a context object used like this:

with self.assertRaises(SomeException):

An optional keyword argument ‘msg’ can be provided when assertRaises is used as a context object.

The context manager keeps a reference to the exception as the ‘exception’ attribute. This allows you to inspect the exception after the assertion:

with self.assertRaises(SomeException) as cm:
the_exception = cm.exception
self.assertEqual(the_exception.error_code, 3)